About Us

NextGig is a next generation job listing site and career destination for savvy tech and non-tech professionals. At NextGig, our goal is to simplify the connection between the job seeker and the employer. NextGig is powered by Spurrin Innovation Pvt Ltd, a privately-held innovation firm based in Bangalore, India.

Why NextGig?

In the Search for the right job, Job Seekers can spend a lot of time on Job Boards searching through a multitude of jobs, often poorly catalogued, and usually posted by Recruitment Agencies. Very few jobs are directly with the employer and are typically very difficult to locate.

Employers face challenges in filling their vacancies as Job Seekers may not be aware of their organisation and the jobs listed on their website. If their jobs are on the main Job Boards, they are often difficult to locate due to poor cataloguing or, they may appear too far down the list to be noticed by the Job Seeker, due to the massive number of Agency jobs.

To overcome all these obstacles, NextGig has created a Next Generation Job Listings tool. NextGig only allows direct listings by an employer. The employers are from all levels of the public sector, private sector, non-profit and volunteer organisations.

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